YIGO DIAZ [ Columbia ]



Master of Music (Autonomous University of Bucaramanga), Master of Music Research (International University of Valencia). Born in San Gil - Santander.


Music teaching experience in higher education. Coordinator, professor and researcher of the undergraduate program in Music at the Antonio Nariño University. Coordinator of Continuing Education SAE Institute.

Drummer in the Revolver plateado band: Three recorded discs. Shock award winners for best artist Tigo Fest 2013, best radio song, best rock band 2014 Subterranica awards, best rock band 2016 and Artist of the year 2016 Subterranica awards, Participants of: Festival Rock al Parque 20 years and winners of the Gibson award - Awarded for best performance on stage at the festival, Festival Centro 2014, Festival Rock al Río 2014, Festival Estéreo Picnic 2016, Festival ALMAX 2016. Opening of the Rock'n Roll Rumble Aerosmith tour. Tour in Mexico 2016 (Shamans and swamps tour 2016), Festival Quimera Metepec MX 2016, Participants Festival SXSW Austin Texas 2017, Day of Rock Colombia 2016 and 2017


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