Uncle RoyLee [ USA ]

Funky Planet

Leroy “Uncle RoyLee” Harper has been in the music and entertainment industry since the age of 15.  Playing percussion in bands and groups around the world has allowed him to see the need and importance for great production and stage management.  Nowadays, you can catch him rocking with his new band Funky Planet jammin' out to old classic hits and new original tunes.  He is the Worship and Arts Director at Seacoast Dream Center, a fast growing ministry in the urban area of North Charleston, SC.  They are known for their great evangelism and outreach programs throughout the city.  Thanks to Leroy, Seacoast Church is one of the major ministries that have brought audio, lighting and production to the forefront in the worship experience.  He is very instrumental in making this happen week after week.

He is also the founder and owner of Hype Gospel Entertainment,  as well as the co owner of Creative Rhythm Media & Music Marketing Firm where he cultivates and nurtures the talents of upcoming breakthrough musicians and entertainers around the country. Feel free to get social with Uncle RoyLee on Facebook and Instagram.


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