Tom Griffin [ USA ]

What's up my name is Tom Griffin Jr. and I am a Murat Diril artist. I've been playing drums for as long as I could remember and play professionally all around New York. My love for music started in church and I never looked back. I played for artists such as American Idol"s finalists Todrick Hall, R&B artist Monifah and many more. I play all styles of music and I always look to challenge myself each and every day. I am so grateful to do what I love for a living and enjoying every moment of my career so far as a musician.


I am a Murat Diril artist and would love to share with you my experience so far with the family. I really love the quality of these cymbals and how I can use them for any style of music. They're very durable and has such a rich tone to them. I wouldn't have gone any other way as far as cymbals and it's a great decision for any of my fellow drummers to use them. I am very humble to be apart of the Murat Diril family.

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