Thomas Wildelau [ Germany ]

High Fighter

Thomas Wildelau got in touch with playing drums at the age of 8. He learned to play the marching drum for the local Big Band. In addition to some drum workshops, he mainly taught himself drumming. He played in several Band-projects like Funk/Soul arangements with brass sections, Metal-/Progressive rock bands, Punkrock Bands. Later he played Top-40-Chart-Music in the local clubs of Hamburg St. Pauli. In the early 2000s he joined the Band Pyogenesis and earned his first touring experiance and professional recording experiances in the following years. The band High Fighter was formed in the year 2014, in which he played drums from the beginning.


"The Dark Renaissance Ride 24'' by Murat Diril is awesome! It has a warm waschy sound and it builds up itself by playing. Nevertheless the Bell sounds clear and brilliant. I do not want to play another ride cymbal anymore."

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