Terje Thorvaldsen [ Norway ]

Subway Safari

Terje Thorvaldsen, a 3rd generation drummer from Oslo, Norway.  
He started playing drums at the age of six, and has been hitting hard ever since.  
After playing in a school marching band, teaching drums, freelancing both in studio and live,
and serving as a drummer in His Majesty the King's Guard, the field broadened.
He started studying sound engineering, gaining masses of studio time,
and did a lot of experimenting with progressive rock. Since 2001,
he has been the backbone of the band Subway Safari.
This alliance of funk, rock, punk and hip-hop has released several studio albums,
singles and EP`s as well as touring Scandinavia and the UK,
supporting acts such as Happy Mondays and The Wailers.  
Murat Diril Cymbals first caught Terje`s ear in 2017,
when the band Uncanny introduced him to Murat Diril`s massive sound universe at a concert in Oslo.  

I’m always searching for new exciting sounds, combining cymbals and experimenting with all kinds of metal.
I love the versatile selections of sounds, not to mention the quality found in Murat Diril cymbals!  

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