Tallus Scott [ Canada ]

An immense dedication to his craft, utilizing the best chops from his peers, and a constant thirst for better, is the perfect way to sum up Tallus Scott. Holding down the drum throne for Saskatoon Indie/Rock outfit The Pistolwhips, Tallus Scott is a shining example of what hard work, raw determination, and humility can amount to for any musician.  Tallus isn’t just a drummer, he’s also a student honing his talent by studying with absolute monsters of the drumming world including Jim Blackley, Johny Rabb, Paul Delong, Dave Weckl, Thomas Pridgen, Stephane Chamberland, John Fisher, and Kenny Sharretts.  Though now full time with The Pistolwhips (who just wrapped recording a new album with producer Eric Ratz), Tallus is no stranger to the Canadian and International touring circuit. Having toured with Crystal Schwanda, Jordan Cook, George Leach, Tallus has 500 live shows to his credit.  To prove his commitment to the art of drumming, Tallus holds down a stable of students himself, to ensure that the next generation can benefit from the tutelage he’s received over the years.  His style is dynamic, and offers listeners a driving, monstrous sound, while always maintaining the rudiments and backbone of where drumming truly started, Jazz.  Tallus is a sought after session player, and can often be seen sitting with other Saskatoon bands, simply to keep playing.  As a recent signing, he’s excited to get on the road and showcase the hardware that the tastemakers at Murat Duril have handcrafted, and Tallus is absolutely enthralled with the quality and authenticity the product offers.  You can catch Tallus on tour with The Pistolwhips in early 2017, along with the release of their latest album, ‘Voices’.

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