Rémy Gouffault [ France ]

Rémy Gouffault started music with the piano at the age of 5. He decided to begin the drums at 7, and classical percussions at 13. Influenced by a lot of styles, he learned african percussions, music for silent films, and composition. He co-creates many projects such as The Actual Groove (modern- jazz/Nu-soul septet), NINXY (EDM/Drum'n bass/Halftime trio) and Triple Juice (swing- jazz/modern-jazz). Rémy graduated from the Conservatory of Toulouse, and from the Dante Agostini drum school. In 2017, he integrates the pop-electro project Loa Frida.


"Pierre Ancilotto introduced me to Murat Diril Cymbals when I was looking for a new ride. I was immediately seduced by their sharp attack, bright sound and great sustain. They have many sonic capabilities : using various tools such as vibraphone mallets, brushes and violin bows, I am able to get numerous sound effects and ambient pads out of them.

The Murat Diril Cymbals fit perfectly in my musical landscape, the large range of choices allows me to craft my own sound. Each of them is unique and they sound even better as they get older."

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