Philip Taylor [ Canada ]

Philip Taylor is a Canadian drummer and singer best known for his work with James Blonde and Xprime. Starting his musical training at a Niagara Symphony youth camp around the age of 10, Phil had always been a fan of the drum kit and used the orchestra percussion training to teach himself how to play the kit. Experimentation went a long way and he started high-school with a solid drumming foundation to start jamming with other musicians. He met Neil Carson (the other founding member of Xprime; now James Blonde) and continued his musical education with the band. Starting out with covers, Phil honed-in his ability as a singing drummer, and songwriter within the group. Along with his band, he’s played festivals such as Osheaga, Niagara Falls New Year’s Eve, Canadian Music Week, The Invictus Games and Edgefest, along with numerous tours across North America. As a drummer and musician, Phil has always been obsessed with tone-rich instruments for his set, leading him to land endorsements with Mapex Drums Canada and Murat Diril Cymbals to find his sound. You can see him perform across North America in his original project James Blonde.


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