Nelson Collins-Lee [ Canada ]

Nelson Collins-Lee is a drummer, educator, and producer based in Edmonton, AB. He plays an eclectic variety of styles and strives to find balance through incorporating his varying influences; from the intense energy of metal and performative aspects of rock to the finer nuances of jazz music.


Ever since completing a diploma in drum set performance at MacEwan University in 2012 and attending an additional year of jazz studies at the University of North Texas in 2013 he has been playing with bands, teaching private lessons, and continuing to self-learn. Nelson has played on multiple studio releases, has studied with legendary drummers such as Ed Soph, John Riley, Matt Garstka, and Billy Rymer and has shared the stage with the likes of Animals As Leaders, Tesseract, Scale the Summit and of Montreal.


Currently he performs and writes music with jazz-fusion project Red Litmus, hardcore/metal band The 21st Agenda, indie dream-pop group Morewine, as well as the indie shoegaze band Pike. Nelson also takes on various freelance gigs and recording/mixing sessions and made his musical theatre debut in the fall of 2016 when he played WS "Fluke" Holland in the Citadel Theatre's widely successful production of Million Dollar Quartet.


The Fall and Spring of 2018/2019 will see self-produced releases by Morewine and The 21st Agenda which will feature Nelson not only on the drums, but also in the role of recording and mixing engineer.

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