Michael Mascioli [ Canada ]

Mike is a drummer and songwriter/composer born in Sudbury, Ontario.

Rhythm and melody fostered his interest in music at a young age. A love for how these aspects combine is what has driven him to continue learning and trying to progress as a drummer, and as a songwriter/composer.

His interest in the rhythm and ambience from metal/progressive rock music, and in the melodies from pop music, is what created the backbone of his playing and writing. These aspects are also what led him to start building and producing handpans for a second career aside from drumming.

Mike is a self-taught drummer, who played and practiced music for sheer enjoyment during his hockey career, and while in University getting his Sociology degree. Since then, he has been honing his skills at playing the drums, composing music and building handpans.

Currently, Mike is working as a freelance and studio drummer, finishing his self-written album, playing with his indie/rock band The Keyframes, and building handpan’s in Sudbury, Ontario. Keep up with Mike on Instagram @mikemascioli90.

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