Martell Hughes [ USA ]

Martell Hughes is a 35 year old drummer based in Columbus, Georgia. Martell began playing drums at the age of four and by ten years old, he was playing in night clubs with his father. He's an in demand drummer, playing with several bands. He's currently the driving force behind the band "The Rail" and you can hear their freshman album release "Quick, The Lights!" on all the audio streaming platforms as well as on their site


"I first learned about Murat Diril cymbals back in 2012 after searching for pure Turkish cymbals. I heard the cymbals on his website and my initial thoughts were "whoa, these are different and unique". The cymbals not only sound great, but look great as well. Murat Diril cymbals are an extension of my hands and allow me to be expressive in ways different than other cymbal brands. That's why I choose to play the unique sounds of Murat Diril Cymbals!"

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