Madi Vogt [ USA ]

Bella Porter, Lauren Ruth Ward, Haleigh Bowers

Madi Vogt is ready to bring the groove. As a drummer and music director, she focuses on three aspects; the importance of connection between players, finding the nuances in each song and preparation. Madi has played many different genres throughout her years and has shaped a recognizable sound making any drum kit sing. She is energized by what songwriters have to say and takes part in songwriting by means of production and arrangement. 


Madi graduated from University of Southern California’s Popular Music program in 2018 and has since been playing with numerous artists touring the United States and Europe. She currently plays with Lauren Ruth Ward, Bella Porter, Haleigh Bowers, Smoke Seasons, Joshua Speers, Wolf Bay, Georgia Greene, Cuja and many others. In addition, Madi has performed on Ellen and the Voice and has made appearances in commercials and television as a drummer. 

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