Kjell de Raes [ Belgium ]

As soon as he came in touch with music it was clear that the drumset would be a big part of his life. Beside of the classical percussion training, he always continued playing the drumset and mostly taught himself.

As a classical musician, Kjell got his first lessons at the age of six. After finishing his secondary school he went to LUCA School Of Arts Leuven where he obtained his master degree in percussion and his teaching diploma.

Kjell has travelled in Europe and Asia to perform in different orchestra's, chamber groups and solo. He's a member of Brassband Willebroek, the current world champion, and co-founder of the Belgian Marimba Group.

Beside the classical music, Kjell has a passion from metal music. As soon as he started playing the drumset, he founded his first bands. Since then Kjell plays and has played in different bands as Mystery Of Darkness, Royal Jake, Wildernis, Cygnus Atratus, Circle Unbroken, ... The combination of his classical training and self-taught playing style on the drumset creates an original sound that leads to creative ideas.


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