Justin Muscoby [ Canada ]

Justin received his first drum set at the age of 10, at 15 was already seeking to play with local musicians and by 18 was regularly playing gigs all over Alberta.  Listening to how drums fit into songs, enhancing his technical playing, and his feel could be attributed to the artists that influenced him growing up. “The intensity of Travis barker, the brilliance of Neil Peart and the groove of Chad Smith were all very pivotal and influential in what I am trying to do today. “  Justin has been recording and touring with bands based in Alberta for the past decade, however his current band Slumlord have embarked on several Canadian tours and also made it to Europe for a comprehensive tour in 2014.  Some tours included headlining for other artists as well as playing large festivals. Currently, Justin is preparing to take his new cymbals into the studio to record Slumlord's new full-length album followed immediately by a European tour. 

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