JoBeth Umali [ USA ]


JoBeth is a native of Houston, TX and currently resides in Boston, MA.  Having grown up in a Filipino household, she has been surrounded by music since birth (Filipinos LOVE music).  She discovered her obsession with drums after listening to the song, 'Basket Case,' by Green Day.  It moved her in a way she had never felt before.  It was powerful!

Having attended Houston's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, she studied different genres such as: jazz, samba, bossa, blues, rock & funk.  Some of her first drum teachers include John Simmons and Joel Fulgham.

JoBeth was fortunate to attend Berklee College of Music, which landed her in Boston.  She was exposed to more genres such as: reggae, Afro-beat, pop, soul, R&B, hip hop, bluegrass, gospel, jungle, drum & bass, salsa, cha cha, Afro-Cuban & Brazilian music.  She picked up life-long lessons from teachers like: Kenwood Dennard, John Ramsay, Mike Mangini, Kim Plainfield, John BlackwellJackie Santos, Yoron Israel, Dave Cowan, Sean Skeete and Walter Beasley.  The Berklee community and environment is what developed JoBeth's drive and inspiration to pursue her drumming career.

From 2006-2014, JoBeth toured with Zili Misik, a 7-piece all-female 'New World Soul' group (Haitian, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban influenced).  Their discography includes, 'New World Soul' (2007), 'Zee'lee'mee'zeek' (2009) and 'Crossroads' (2012).  They have won various awards and have toured all around the United States.

She seems to have found her niche among all-female bands.  Among them was The Furies, an amazing band with a 90's rock sound.  Lead singer, Lee Moretti, is best known for her time spent on tour with Third Eye Blind.  JoBeth had the opportunity to play several shows with The Furies in the Northeast and record on their album, 'Omens.'     

JoBeth is a freelance drummer who currently plays with acts such as: Taina AsiliSilver Arrow Band & Jugghead Band.  She has played with artists such as: Nephrok!Honey Train (pop, rock, R&B), The Buzz (pop, rock, R&B) Dave Macklin Band (Funk, R&B, Soul) Nicole Berke (soul, pop, rock) Miss Fairchild (funk) Tony Brown (rock) Sweet Wednesday (folk) Beantown Project (rock) Scott Tarulli (fusion) Queen Omega (reggae) Queen Ifrica (reggae) Easy Star All Stars (reggae) Tomn (rock) The Indobox (synth-rock) The JRo Project (soul) Percussive Urban Swing (jazz) The Laurie Goldsmith Project (jazz, blues) Cruzamente (Cape-Verdean) Matt Augustine (folk, rock) Emma's Revolution (political folk) and many more!  

Her passion for drums has led her share her knowledge through private teaching.  JoBeth is also on the committee for Women In Music: strengthening community ties through music and organizing awesome events.  She is constantly searching for the next challenge and thrives on connecting with others through the love of music!

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