Jeremy Cazorla [ France ]

Jeremy Cazorla was only 5 years old when he started taking drum lessons at the « Agostini Drum school » in Toulouse, his hometown (south of France). Thanks to his father who’s a bass player, he got on stage at a very young age. At 13, he did his first complete gig on drums. At the same time, he joined the professional program at the Agostini Drum school. In 2010, he graduated from this school with an unanimously awarded first grade. Over the years, Jeremy gained experience both on stage and in studio with different projects. This year (2018), he recorded the 3rd album of the « Thomas Sarrodie Group », the new project he’s been playing with since January 2018. This album will be Jeremy’s 20th record. With this new rock/blues project, he’ll have done more than 70 gigs this year.

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