Ivo Kaltchev [ France ]

Plebeian Grandstand

Ivo Kaltchev has been drumming in challenging metal bands for 20 years, and with intimidating and dissonant black metal act PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND for the last 6, touring in the USA, India, Russia and Europe. Their critically acclaimed albums "Lowgazers" and "False Highs, True Lows" are powered by Ivo's super intense, asymetric, and mind-meltingly dense drumming, where never-ending blast beats and machine gun bass drum rolls contrast with clever and dynamic cymbal work.


" My Murat Diril cymbals always impress sound techs. Super warm, musical, with no annoying overtones, they're just easy to mix, really inspiring to create new patterns with, and durable enough to endure some angry bashing on the road. Surprisingly, even the Heavy Series have some warmth and a lot of dynamics. Metalheads : stop playing clangy "metal" cymbals for F%CK'S sake".

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