Henrik Petschull [ Germany ]

Henrik started playing drums when he was 8 years old. As he got his first drum kit with the age of 10 he started jamming around with local musicians and founded his first rockband. In 2011 he studied Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Hamburg and earned his Bachelor degree there. As a drummer his musical efforts are primaly focused on his Band „Scarlet Dorn“ which is based in Hamburg and released their debut album „Lack of Light“ in August 2018. Furthermore and beside his work as a recording engineer he is drummer for several recording workshops and studio productions. Because of his affinity to drums he also startet to work as a drum tech  in 2011. During the years of playing, Henrik developed his personal style of drumming which is influenced by his interest in various musical genres.



In the past years I tried a lot of different cymbals from different companies to improve my sound to what I was expecting from cymbals. Since I bought my first pair of used Murat Diril Hi-Hats, I feel addicted to their sound. Murat Diril cymbals give me all the expression, clarity and versatility that I was searching for for years.

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