Hendrik Frommhold [ Germany ]

Herr Frommhold Jazz Ensemble, The Chilkats

Hendrik Frommhold is a freelance drummer and teacher from Kiel,
Germany. His main passion is traditional American Music such as Jazz, Blues and RocknRoll.

Hendrik is active as musician, bandleader and composer.
His two original projects are the "Herr Frommhold Jazz
Ensemble" and "The Chilkats", a Jump Blues Quartet based out of Hamburg.

Hendrik works with several bands and artists such as "Cloud 6" (RocknRoll band from Hamburg),
"Sam White" (Pianist and Songwriter from Göttingen),
"Biggs B Sonic" (Rockabilly Trio from Kiel), "SuperRabatzki" (Percussion and Brassband)
and a few more...


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