Frank Martinez [ Canada ]

I am a 26 years old cuban drummer and percussionist. I started studying music when I was 10 years old at “Manuel Saumell” elementary school in the percussion specialty (Havana Cuba). After 5 years of studies, I enrolled in the music conservatory Amadeo Roldán of Havana. In that school I continued studying instruments such as timpanis, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, snare, timbales, congas, batà drums, drums and bongos. I studied 4 years in that conservatory, where I received my Bachelor of Professional Musician and Professor of Percussion. After a year, I began to study at the University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA), to obtain the degree in percussion. While studying at the University, I started playing with bands like Frank Delgado, he is a very recognized singer in Cuba. At the same time I started performing with the company “Opera de la Calle”. With Opera de la Calle I did several tours across Cuba and one across Canada in 2014.

In Ottawa I play with the group Fiesta Cubana, it is a group of Cuban music led by the pianist and composer Miguel de Armas. With Miguel de Armas I also play several times a year with his jazz quartet (best exponent of Latin jazz in Ottawa-Gatineau). Latin Breeze, Uno Band, Ottawense Band, are examples of bands in Ottawa. In Montreal I play with The Cuban Martinez Show, Rommel Ribeiro and I have performed few shows with Timba MM. In Toronto I play with the Grammy Nominated, and Juno Award winner Danae Olano. We have a latin jazz trio called DMO trio with the bassist Marc Decho. I also play often with OKAN, two of its members were also Nominated to Grammy 2018. I’m teaching drums , timbales, congas and bongos to 12 private students from Canada, Latin America and China, interested in latin jazz and latin rhythms. Also I teach drums at Alcorn Music Studios, school of music in downtown Ottawa.

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