Franck Camus [ Canada ]

FRANCK CAMUS was born in France in 1970. Early on, his parents got him interested in music by way of classical piano and vocal studies.

While studying physical education in university at the age of eighteen, he rebegan his love affair with music by teaching himself how to play drums. At twenty-three, he was stricken and paralyzed by meningitis His illness, though, catalyzed his understanding of movement and the human mechanism, and this wall all it took to make him redouble his efforts to play drums.

Possessed of a strong character, he relearned to do all this and founded his first band two years later, playing high-speed death metal all over Europe.


On a personal level, FRANCK studies drumming techniques in jazz, rock and polyrhythms,

In 2002, he got noticed and hired by the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL, to train their performers and musicians. Physical fitness and musical training were then joined in FRANCK‘s ultimate goal of preventing skeletomuscular injuries in musicians.


He has, since then, been preparing numerous clinical projects and conferences.

In 2006 after presenting the concept of master class to Ralph Angelillo this one take advantage of all the knowledge of Franck and he decided to present Franck’s master class to the Montreal drum fest among Liberty DeVito, Clayton Cameron, Dom Famularo and Bill Brufford!


As Franck wants different approach and musical direction he start another project call Hybreed Chaos a very interesting death metal experimental band in which he can use all his creativity (for example time signature in 11/4 with polyrhythmic 7/4 and 4/3)

The latest album Entombed in a dark matter is considered as one of the best metal album in 2017.


“Murat Diril Cymbal is exactly what I’ m looking for in terms of sound: clarity, power, projection  and without no doubt My china black sea is the craziest cymbal I have ever tried!"

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