Felipe Chambers [ Brazil ]

Felipe Chambers,
was born in Porto Alegre/RS, started playing drums at the age of 5,
with his grandmother as the first musical influence,
playing in churches. He studied drums with 3 great Brazilian teachers
and expanded his horizons through gospel music, Brazilian popular music and instrumental music.
Felipe Chambers, today, is a drummer in the Brazilian Army Music Band (military musician),
has a musical project called FELIPE CHAMBERS PROJECT
and is part of the gospel ministry of the Mont’Serrat Baptist Church, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Over the years, acting mainly in Brazilian gospel music, Felipe accompanied on stage singers and instrumentalists such as
Asaph Borba, Cacau Santos, Suellen Camila, among others. He is also co-producer of the single Jasmim,
by composer and pianist Jader Lara, which is available on several digital platforms.

He has been teaching drums since 2015, with individual students and currently teaching at 2 music schools,
covering all important functions and parts of the instrument.

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