Edward Daffin [ USA ]

Edward Daffin has fallen in love with Murat Drill Cymbals! I’ve played every brand of cymbals trying to find my sound and I believe in and I have just discovered what is the best sounding cymbal ever produced. I’ve been a musician for 33 years playing professionally for 30 of those years. I have recorded multiple albums, played with many artists such as Marvin Winans, Kelly Price, Dorinda Clark Cole, Yolanda Adams, Chekira Daffin, Jessica Clements , Norma Jean Bell, Todd Dulaney and the Motown singing group the Marvelets. As I embark on the next chapter of my career, I am going to do so with Murat Drill Cymbals. Having a cymbal sound to inspire you is key for creating and making life changing feel good music. I must play Murat Drill Cymbals!

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