Dyrol "Chops" Randall [ Jamaica ]

Educator, The Wailers, Wyclef Jean

Internationally recognized Jamaican reggae drummer Dyrol "Chops" Randall has performed and recorded with numerous leading bands and headliners such as Sister Carol, Mykal Rose (Black Uhuru), Mr. Perfect, Tasha T, Mr. Easy, Jaden Blackamoor, The Original Wailers, Judy Mowatt, Tippa Irie, Jah Sun, Queen Omega, Mighty Diamonds, Leroy Sibbles, Tiger, Anthony Malvo, Lieutenant Stitchie, Glen Washington, Tanya Stephens, and Al Anderson (from The Original Wailers).

 Born in Jamaica, Dyrol’s early mentors include Peter Brown, a 7-string bass player who taught him how to "hold the groove together and let the music glide through the soul”; Isaiah "Onie" Palmer, a well-regarded reggae bass player; and Tony "Ruption" Williams, the drummer for Third World, who taught him how to draw a positive vibration from the instrument and communicate it to the audience.

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