Daniel Stadnicki [ Canada ]

Daniel Akira Stadnicki is an award-winning drummer, scholar, and popular/world music instructor. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, Daniel has quickly become a key fixture in Edmonton's thriving roots and folk music scene, currently performing with: Spencer Murray and Pipeslinger, Cam Neufeld and the Gadjo Collective, Martin Kerr, Daniel Gervais, Elliot Thomas, the Stefan Kijek Trio, Dana Wylie, and the Northland Trio. Inspired by found-sounds, eclectic timbres, and deep, vintage drum tones, Daniel thrives in acoustic music settings and has a passion for learning folk music traditions from around the world. Over the past 18 years, Daniel has worked with a number of Canada's finest singer/songwriters and instrumentalists, including Jaron Freeman-Fox, Liam Titcomb, Lisa Conway, Ken Whiteley, Mike Evin, Hannah Georgas, the Weather Station, and Kevin Breit. He continues to perform, tour and record internationally while completing doctoral studies in ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta.

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