Cedric Brassan [ France ]

Viktoria Winlord, Maïsha, LamatraQ, Harmony, C’Nou

Drummer of 26 years old of Martinique origins with varied musical styles, inherited very young the passion for music and especially the drums of his family. He started with his uncles Frantz and Lambert Jean-Baptiste, went through several schools in Martinique with as teachers: Jacky Alpha, Nichole Bernard, Dominique Bougrainville and Hervé Laval. He made his first scene at the age of 7 years old with the François' choir, then assembled his first group at the age of 16 and since then has accompanied various Caribbean artists such as Christ Combette, Loriane Zacharie, Stella Gonis, Mel, T kimp Gee etc... currently in Paris he attends the school «Dante Agostini», was the drummer of the group «Zouk Machine» on the tour of their 30years and today works on several projects such as: the singer «Viktoria Winlord», the show on stage «Maïsha», the groups «LamatraQ», «Harmony», « C’Nou »


"Being a drummer who plays many different musical styles, the Murat Diril cymbals are perfectly adapted to me. Thanks to the different series proposed by the brand, we find a panel of different sounds (brilliant, medium, dark, long or short) which allows me to adapt my set according to the different styles that I play, a particular precision even in the harmonics and sustain it very appreciated in studio and by the sound engineers. It is a pleasure and a pride for me to represent the Murat Diril brand."

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