Ben Hölzer [ Germany ]

BeatArtKombinat, Men in Blech, Joe Astray

Ben Hölzer is a freelance Drummer from Hamburg, Germany. 

He played with internatial musicians like the islandic Singer-/Songwriter „Svavar Knutur“ or the american Indi-Band „The Rocket Boys“ and he toured throughout europe with the Band „Sündenrausch“.

He is member of the Band „Men in Blech“ which is currently touring all over germany. He also plays the drums for the australian Singer-/ Songwriter „Joe Astray“.

With the „BeatArtKombinat“ Ben is starting his own project in 2019. So stay tuned, someone is broiling a biggie...


- BeatArtKombinat

- Men in Blech

- Svavar Knutur

- Joe Astray

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