Apostolos Pougaridis [ Greece ]

Tolis Pougaridis is a drummer from Florina Greece. He started playing the drums as a self-taught musician at the age of 14.He has played with local bands of Thessaloniki and Florina for some years and now maintains a home studio where he creates high quality videos for YouTube. He has attended drum and audio engineering lessons over the years and has broad experience in drum recordings. Tolis is also a computer science teacher and holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. Tolis endorses Murat Diril Cymbals and Rstick drumsticks.


The moment you see  and  touch a Murat Diril cymbal you realize it's a masterpiece. I use Brilliant, Fast and Heavy series and I am more than happy for my choice. Crystal sound, perfect sustain and amazing tone. They’ll work well both on stage or for recording.

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