Alex Reis [ Portugal ]

Grand Pulsar, ELEVNS

Alex Reis, 25 year-old Portuguese drummer, producer and composer, started playing at the age of 14, with the local centenary Philarmonic and Orchestra. His passion and drive were clear from day one and since then Alex has play hundreds of shows with various artists and bands ranging from Pop, Rock, RnB, from up-and-coming bands to multi-platinum and award-winning artists.
His determination and dedication to his passion grew further and stronger, leading to two of his big conquers in the national drumming scene - winning a nation-wide contest to elect the best musicians under 18 years of age (at the age of 17) and later, at 22, winning the nation-wide drummer contest in the 18+ (no age limit) category, with first place.

His vision dwells in the search of new ideas and sounds around the kit, exploring the nuances of R&B and soul music with the energy of rock and pop acts, mixing worlds of rhythm and merging musical beats. These same topics and ideas are today part of his clinic/masterclass program, developed in partnership with Murat Diril."

Classes: JP Bouvet, Miguel Casais, Hugo Danin
Workshops: Keith Carlock, Craig Blundell, Chris Johnson, Brian Tichy, Russ Miller, Mike Johnston
Artists/Bands: Pedro Abrunhosa, José Cid, Luís Represas, Os Aurora, Bárbara Bandeira, Bispo, Enoque, Grand Pulsar, Nuno Norte, Fitacola, Mário Mata, Moody Traffic, Chatê Muzu, Valter Lima (UK), Jos Eckert (UK), TERA, Funk You Brass Band, Soulcats and more.

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