Adrien Legay [ France ]

I was born near Paris in 1996, and started playing drums at age 3. Ten years later I entered EMAN school in Nancy, and at age 19 I began jazz studies (Piano and Drums) at Nancy's conservatory.


In 2013 I joined Black Milk Music Records and the NCY Milky Band (Soul/Funk/Library) and recorded 3 Eps.

The same year, I joined M.A BEAT! (Electronica):

We recorded 2 Eps and 2 Lps between 2015 and 2017, and started touring around Europe, United States, Canada, Japan, Kazakhstan...


Since 2016, I have been playing as a sideman for many Jazzmen in the East of France and also producing a 45 inches vinyl for Jazz Quartet (The Storm Watchers) out on BMM Records in 2018, and made of original compositions of mine.

I also started touring with the Synoptik 4tet in 2018.

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